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The Internet

        Three Nets for the Stanford Nethax under the Quad,
                Seven for the MIT Hackers in their halls of stone,
        Nine for Crays doomed to die,
                One for NIC on its dark DECSYSTEM-2060
        In the LANs of SRI where the shadows lie.
                One Internet to rule them all, One Internet to find them,
                One Internet to bring them all and in the ether bind them
        In the LANs of SRI where the shadows lie.

Welcome to my home page. You can also visit my Home Page at Digital, where I work. While you're here, have a look at some of my Travel Photos. I operate the VHF+ Mailing List, as part of my hobby study of radiofrequency propagation. I'm also a flight simulation enthusiast, so check out the page of Flight Sim Stuff.

Natalie and I also maintain a page for our Family and Friends to visit.



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